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    HACK THE PANKE FESTIVAL "Leftover Klangwerk"

    Leftover Klangwerk is a socially engaged and sonic art creation activity in the form of a participatory workshop and collective improvisation performance. The title is inspired by the English word “Leftover” refers to waste and the German word “Klangwerk” which means “sound creation”. The workshop was divided into three major parts. In the first part, participants will collect different kinds of waste objects from specific neighborhoods (based on the understanding of the characteristics and also the social-political history of that specific neighborhood). The second part will be building those waste materials into several self-made instruments. The third part will be presenting the instruments in an improvisation music performance. Inspired by circular design/upcycling methodology, both workshop and performance will introduce and invite the community to channel a form of freedom in the form of sound through the sound-making object, without the limitations of conventional music.


    This project will be facilitated by Ariel Orah and Johanes “Mo’ong” Santoso Pribadi from the Berlin-based Indonesian art collective Soydivision.




    The two-day workshop process in Prague with participants from UMPRUM (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague), AVU (Academy of Fine Arts In Prague) and FaVU (Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology).


    is about sharing a perception as humans process and transform physical input (such as visuals, soundscapes, etc.) into cognitively constructed meanings such as tone, melody, and rhythm.

    And how to describe all body-memory experiences in the form of responding to an object as a sound source. That this perception is also influenced by context, culture, and personal experience.

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    We gathered to dive deeper into different creative practices such as: movement, music, communication, simulation games, butoh to see how freedom and constraint affects our creativity and collaboration.

    We participated in reclaiming the meanings of the core concepts -Freedom and Constraint, as defining parameters for self development and artistic creation.

    Explored different perspectives, discovered new ways of thinking and challenged each other to broaden our own horizons.



    Frey Faust (US)

    Aurimas Razanauskas (LT)

    J Mo'ong Santoso Pribadi(ID)

    Johan Leion (SE)

    Gabriel Liljenström (SE)


    Moments from the workshops:

    "Missed moments" , "Homo ludens- Playing human" , "Soundscapes", "Making sense in a senseless world", "Boxed Creativity".


    Moments from the performances:

    "Horizon(s)" concept: Indrė Ginkevičiūtė

    "I Choose (not)" concept: J Mo'ong Santoso Pribadi

    "Confuse- us say" concept: Frey Faust